Assaranca Waterfall

he mighty Assaranca Waterfall near the village of Ardara is arguably one of most impressive waterfalls in Donegal.

Often referred to as Ardara Waterfall or Eas a’ Ranca, these beautiful falls are easily accessible and they’re generally pretty quiet.

You can, quite literally, park up right next to them and soak up (hopefully not literally) the sights and sounds of Assaranca from a few feet away.

1. Location

You’ll find Assaranca Waterfall along the side of a road a 15-minute spin from Ardara, a 35-minute drive from Glencolmcille and a 40-minute drive from Donegal Town.
2. Parking

There’s actually a decent amount of parking at Assaranca right on the side of the road (here on Google Maps). It’s generally very quiet during the year, however, during the summer months it can often be tricky to get parking (never block the road).
3. It’s most impressive after heavy rainfall

You can visit Assaranca Waterfall at any time of the year, but it’s at its best during or after rainfall as the water gushes with speed off the top and down into the chilly basin below.
4. Perfect for travellers with low mobility

As you can, quite literally, park right next to the Ardara Waterfall, it’s the perfect place to visit with someone with limited mobility, as you can see the waterfall right from the parking area without having to walk to it.
About Assaranca Waterfall

If your Donegal road trip takes you to the mighty Maghera Beach or to the bendy road at Glengesh Pass, the chances are a stop at Assaranca / Ardara Waterfall is on the cards.

It’s natural attractions like Assaranca Waterfall that make Ireland an absolute joy to explore – there’s no fancy visitor centre and no fuss – just nature at its finest.

The falls here are stunning and they tend to take you by surprise as you approach them. From the moment you pop open your door or drop your window, the crash of the falls greets your ears.

Hop out and approach the edge of the water. On a wild day, you’ll feel the spray gently land on your face. If you’re lucky enough to visit off peak, the chances are you’ll have it all to yourself.

One of the strange and wonderful things about the Ardara Waterfall is that it’s quite literally right next to the road. So, if you arrive when it’s raining, you can kick back and admire it from the comfort of your car.